Custom Built PCs

I may not always be able to beat the deals at Best Buy, but I am always happy to try. Contact me for an estimate and let's see if I can save you some money.

Besides price there are some advantages to a custom built PC. You can get the exact PC you want. Don’t want Windows 8? I can install Windows 7 or Vista instead. Want more security for your data? I can install a RAID disk system to protect against disk crashes. Would you like a Linux box, no problem! How about a media center PC? I can design and build a PC based on your requirements.

Home office PCs (Windows 7) starting around $400 (does not include keyboard, mouse or monitor).

Prices vary greatly, depending on what you want and what market prices are at the moment. Contact me for an estimate using my contact web form. Just fill in your name and email address and request an estimate for a custom built PC in the comments box. I will get in contact with you for more details on what you want.

Used PC available for $100

AMD Sempron 2400+ 1.67 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB striped disk system (RAID 0), Ubuntu Linux

This comes with no warrantee, but for 1 year from date of purchase I will fix any problem that is fixable for cost of parts only. If you are interested, call me at (763) 270-8089, or use my contact form to leave me a message.

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